Brochure MP50


Main features and characteristics:

Portable pellet mill for testing and for semi-professional use, suitable for daily use too.

Perfect solution for the universities, for search labs, carpentries, wood factories, farmers and small feed mills.

Wood pellet production up to 50 Kg/hour, more than 80 Kg/hour of animal feed.

Three-phases tension 380 V. only, NOT available for 220 V. tension and NOT for tractor’s PTO.

Installed power 3 kW.

Sizes about 65x45x105 cm.

Weight about 120 Kg.

Price for end user 5.400 € + VAT.

MP 50 pellet mill is a product 100% MADE in ITALY, built on our production branch on Verona’s district, and you can see it at anytime.

No chinese components, not available on internet, not for sale on strange and remote web site. One of those machine is always ready and available on our assembling duty, at disposal to whom likes to test it with his own material.

Machine tests are fully free of charges, without any purchasing obligation.

Please contact us for more info and details.